Key features

With this service, all technology projects within the organization are designed, executed, and controlled by IT experts.

Project scoping and implementation

Determining and documenting a list of specific project goals, features, deadlines, and ultimately costs, these are then executed by the IT project manager.

IT systems audit and reviews

An in-depth IT system audit and system security review is performed on the project system or database to identify risks and points of exposure.

Risk management

Risk Management Service from Techfount helps you to evaluate your existing IT security governance and IT regulatory compliance needs against your business requirements and objectives.

Feasibility Study

Is it the project feasible? We answer that question with a feasibility study that’s based on solid research and analysis.

IT infrastructure design

Our experienced IT architects & specialists design a suitable and cost-effective technical solution for creating a new IT infrastructure at your enterprise or modernizing/expanding the current one.

Office moves and IT relocation

IT relocation is performed safely and efficiently with minimal service delay. We install all crucial IT needs smoothly in your new office to avoid business discontinuity.

IT business operation management

Techfount Systems as your support, we can ensure that your IT infrastructure, software and hardware work just right with around the clock tech support.


the resources and assets if needed to complete the project.